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Advantages of The Heat Dissipation Design of Solar Flood Light

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Update time : 2022-05-12 16:42:03

Advantages of the heat dissipation design of solar flood light from High class


In recent years, solar LED flood light has gained overwhelming popularity, and for a good reason also. This illumination solution is environment-friendly, affordable, and the best answer for a new and improved world.

Outdoor solar floodlight is the best solution if you are looking to solve the rising environmental crisis and environmental pollution. Without a sliver of doubt, we can clearly see that the conventional lighting solution is taking up our limited resources rapidly. Keeping that in mind, scientists and researchers from High Class Lighting Group are offering the best-led floodlight solution for the consumers.

But what makes them the best in the market, and why should you opt for this fantastic solar flood light solution from the High class? Let us jump right in and figure it out.


What is solar-led floodlight?


Solar LED floodlight is a lighting solution that can offer the ability to provide lighting in the remotest area. And the great thing is, you also do not need to worry about power after installation, as it can get all the necessary energy from sunlight as well.

This light system is designed to take the most advantage of the energy while emitting light with approximately 90% efficiency and 10% loss in terms of heat. However, 10% heat generation and staying under the sun for a long time can cause the system to overheat. And this is exactly where the Heat dissipation design of the High-Class solar-led floodlight comes into play.

How the patented heat dissipation design of High-class light work


The deep groove design 


The first advantage of the high-class lights is the deep groove design on the back of the lamp housing. When we want the heat to dissipate, offering more surface area is the key.

The surface area the system gets to use, the more heat it can dissipate in the shortest amount of time. And this unique and patented design does just that by offering an impressive amount of surface area to the system.

As the temperature of the air gets below the temperature of the lighting system, this area is used to get in contact with the air and release excess heat. This not only offers a better efficiency of the lights but also ensures a safe operating condition.

You also get to enjoy a longer lifetime of the outdoor solar floodlight system as a result.

The convection design


The next significant advantage of the high-class led floodlight is in its convection design. The convection design of the pattern on the back of the lamp housing uses air convection to speed up heat dissipation.

Air convection is a process that allows the warm and moist air on the surface to rise up, making room for cooler and dryer air. As the atmosphere absorbs the heat from the solar-led light body, this air increases in volume and gets less dense.

This allows cold air in the environment to come down and get in contact with the extensive surface area of this patented design. As cold air is denser and heavier than hot air, this cycle continues until the system reaches a temperature equal to the environment it is in.


Advantages of this unique heat dissipation design 


Whenever any electronic device gets overheated (which is pretty typical for Solar Led lights), the small components inside the system can get damaged if they have a low thermal rating. This unique design ensures that there is no form of damage done to the electronics. As a result, you get to enjoy the best lighting experience for years to come.

Moreover, excessive heat can create hazardous working environments. Even though the solar panel of any solar-powered system enjoys the maximum amount of sunlight, the batteries, on the other hand, do not. Extensive exposure to heat can do permanent damage to the solar energy battery and introduce a massive cost of repair.

The heat dissipation design makes sure both the lights, the panels, and the circuitry system, including the battery, stay in perfect condition by allowing them to cool down at their maximum potential.

So for a Premium quality solar-led floodlight solution that offers safety, performance, and reliability, High Class is the answer.


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