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The Advantage of HIGH CLASS 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug and Red Copper Cable

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Update time : 2022-06-06 14:37:09

The advantage of HIGH CLASS 24K gold-plated connector plug and red copper cable


One of the most effective approaches toward sustainability comes in the form of Solar energy. As we slowly realize how scarce other energy sources can get within a few years, Solar energy is adopted globally as a savior.

When it comes to solar energy, the light energy we get from the sun is converted into environmentally friendly electrical energy. This energy can later be used to power up solar flood lights or other electrically powered devices.

But that being said, not all wholesale solar street light is created equal. Even though all of them are predominantly environmentally friendly, some solar light factory makes the lights much safer and more efficient than others. And that is precisely where the HIGH CLASS comes into play.

HIGH CLASS features a state-of-the-art solar light factory that produces wholesale solar street lights with innovative technology and design. And today, we are going to talk about the HIGH CLASS 24K gold-plated connector plug and red copper cable that offers unparallel conductivity, safety, and efficiency.

So let us dive right in and find out more advantages of this innovative design.


Charging efficiency


A big thing you must understand is that the amount of energy you are getting from the sun is not equal to the amount of energy available to power up your wholesale solar flood light. Unlike a car run on gas which can take 15 gallons of fuel to fill an entirely empty 15-gallon tank, solar energy does not work the same way.

Whenever there is any form of transition of electricity is involved, there will occur some form of transmission loss. This loss is usually generated through the resistance of the connector and the wire. Simply put, the higher the resistance of the transmission line is, the higher the transmission loss.

Moreover, the electrical energy that is lost due to the conversion of Heat is exponential to the resistance the current faces. That means if you can decrease the transmission resistance, you can achieve excellent efficacy in return. And that is exactly what the experts in the HIGH CLASS solar light factory did without a 24k gold plated connector.

Even though gold is pretty expensive, it acts as a highly conducive transmission medium. By applying a gold plating to the connector of the LED solar Light panel, the system effectively prevents oxidation and reduces resistance. This, as a result, offers you higher efficiency and a worry-free operation.

On the other hand, ordinary plugs and cables do not have any gold plating, resulting in a low conductivity. These are also prone to oxidization in the contact point, as the wholesale solar street light is meant to stay outside for a long time. The oxidation also decreases the conductivity and provides you with the headache of lower efficiency.



Automated process control


Another significant advantage of the wholesale solar flood light design from a HIGH CLASS solar light factory is its automated process control. The preprogrammed CNC machines are designed to dictate the movement of any machinery or tools via computer software.

Solar LED light system from HIGH CLASS comes with its custom CNC machine that cuts the plug when necessary. A comp a computer program also controls the whole process, ensuring everything goes as effortlessly as possible.

Moreover, the hole position of the plug is designed so precisely that there is no form of poor contact seen in the device. A poor can cause various issues like a short-circuiting, spark, loss of efficacy, and much more. But with the HIGH CLASS wholesale solar street light, all of these worries are knocked out of the park.

On the other hand, ordinary manufacturers offer a connector plug that is usually made of die-casting mold. When the mold goes through die casting too many times, there come various signs of wear and tear on the mold. This wear and tear eventually result in errors in the hole position of the plug, resulting in poor contact.


Maximum conductivity

The conductivity of the solar power system can make or break the overall performance. In order to make sure you get the most optimal experience from your solar energy system, you need to make sure it offers maximum electrical conductivity. And that is exactly what the red copper cable design from the HIGH CLASS offers.

Unlike ordinary designs where manufacturers use regular copper in the wire, the HIGH CLASS solar-led light design offers the highest-grade red copper wire. Red copper wires are seen to provide superior conductivity, which is 50% higher than that of ordinary copper wire. 

Moreover, these copper wires are more resistant to humidity and handle extreme temperatures very well without lowering the conductivity. This feature is highly beneficial in solar street lights, considering how long these systems stay s out in the outside environment.

Final thoughts

Solar LED lights are the next big step towards making a satiable world. But in order to create global sustainability, we need to start on the right foot. As mentioned before, not all wholesale solar LED lights are created equal. If you want to get nothing but the best efficiency, conductivity, and error-free automated operation, then the 24K gold-plated connector plug and red copper cable design from HIGH CLASS is here to give you that edge.

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