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The Perfect Solar Flood Light Suitable for Wholesale and Retail

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Update time : 2022-07-08 10:04:36

The perfect solar flood light suitable for wholesale and retail


LED solar flood light has been one of the most popular lighting solutions, especially in remote locations. In safe and secure remote areas where not everyone has access to install traditional power systems, solar flood lights can be a savior. Moreover, it allows you to illuminate an ample space without spending a dime on energy costs.

Traditional floodlights have been on the market for so long that we are inclined to depend on them. That being said, they bring a lot of disadvantages with them that could easily be solved by a quality solar flood light manufacturer. And that is precisely what High Class, one of the most popular solar flood light suppliers, did for their state-of-the-art solar flood light solution.

So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and what a perfect solar flood light suitable for wholesale and retail from the High class has to offer.



Some noteworthy features of the solar flood light offered by HIGH CLASS


In order to offer one of the best solar light experiences for the consumers, the solar flood light factory of High Class has revolutionized the industry through their latest end product. Here are some of its most noteworthy features that make HIGH CLASS the go-to solar flood light manufacturer in the world.



ABS Made Lamp housing


One of the biggest worries, when someone is investing in solar flood light, is the cost. And usually, to cut down on the price, the usual solar flood light factory cuts various corners, which result in a cheap product but with degrading quality.

On the other hand, what the High class did was introduce ABS to make the lamp house of the lights. ABS is a very cost-effective material that can significantly help the solar flood light factory offer you an affordable lighting solution.

That being said, the cost is not the only thing that ABS brings to the table. ABS is a highly corrosion-resistant material that will help the solar LED light to stay outside the hard weather for a long period of time. Solar LED lights usually take little to no maintenance, so this anti-corrosion property can help them remain in top-notch condition for years.

The ABS-made lamp housing is also very lightweight, significantly reducing logistics and inventory costs for any solar flood light supplier.


The optical lens of better performance for the lights

At the end of the day, the main goal of the solar LED flood lights is to offer illumination. Keeping that in mind, HIGH CLASS used optical lenses, which significantly improved the light transmittance of the floodlight. That means with the floodlights in place, you get greater efficiency and effectiveness from the same power and enjoy better visibility.


The OSRAM LED chips to perform admirably well and are a solid choice when it comes to LED lighting. That is why High class uses the latest end OSRAM LED chip to get a better-optimized performance out of their flood light. This ensures a better brightness and performance for the lights.

Better battery life and lighting time


One of the biggest obstacles that most solar flood light manufacturer has to face is finding the perfect balance to fulfill the consumer's lighting time needs and offering the system at a lucrative price. And HIGH CLASS did just that with their affordable large-capacity batteries that can improve the lighting time of solar flood lights.

The batteries used in the Solar LED system are very energy efficient, charge quickly, and have an impressive discharge coefficient.

Energy-efficient solar power


No more having to worry about your battery being under charge. Now high class is offering Large-scale, energy-efficient solar power, which ensures that the battery can be fully charged at min time. You can use the floodlights on any outdoor space, including,

· Driveways.

· Pool area

· Landscapes

· Business signage units

· Poles

· Streets

And so much more.

Regardless of where the energy light is set, you can be relaxed knowing that the solar LED flood light is designed to offer you enough illumination for your target lighting time.


Final thoughts


That ends our today's discussion on a solar flood light that is suitable for wholesale and retail. As the leading solar flood light supplier, High Class is offering solar LED lighting solution that is cost-effective, Lightweight, and covers all the consumer's needs. These all together make it a perfect solution for both wholesale and retail. Our engineers and researchers in our solar flood light factory have years of experience under their belt and ensure the highest quality of products for consumers that will withstand any weather and the harshness of age.
So if you are looking for a solar flood light solution for your wholesale or retail needs, opt for HIGH CLASS right now.

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